All Island Equity REIT
All Island Equity REIT is a diversified real estate investment trust that is focused on British Columbia with around $215 million of assets on Vancouver Island and in the Okanagan. The portfolio consists of 870 apartment units and 58,000 square feet of commercial space.[1]

Direct flow-through exposure to Vancouver Island and Okanagan real estate

All Island Equity REIT is a tax-efficient investment vehicle that aims to pay a steady stream of distributions primarily generated through rental income on stabilized real estate assets. In addition to distributions, the value of REIT units is directly linked to the underlying value of the portfolio, which is independently appraised annually. All Island Equity REIT prides itself in its transparency and provides quarterly communications to unitholders as well as annual audited financial statements.

$17.12 NAV per Unit
Up from $10.00 since inception, primarily due to capital appreciation largely from operational improvements [2]
3.5% Annual Distributions
Based on the most recent NAV and paid out of cash generated from operations [3]
Over $80 million Equity Raised
Primarily from investors on Vancouver Island [1]
50% Loan to Value
Low debt levels allows for flexibility in raising more capital to grow [1]

Investing locally connects you to the community

All Island Equity REIT combines maintaining a personal presence in each community it serves with the efficiencies of large-scale property management. All Island Equity directly employs site level staff while partnering with Devon Properties to optimize operations.